How To Care For Diamonds

Diamonds stand as a timeless and enduring gemstone that never falls out of fashion. Preserving the longevity of these dazzling stones is essential for maintaining their allure in your collection. Despite their reputation as one of the Earth's toughest minerals, diamonds require some tender loving care. This is particularly crucial when you consider the investment often associated with these precious stones, especially if they hold sentimental value as family heirlooms.

Fortunately, by adopting the right care practices, you can ensure that your diamond jewellery retains its brilliance and sparkle while safeguarding it from potential damage. Whether it's a cherished pair of diamond earrings, a necklace passed down through generations, or your precious engagement ring, Shiels provides valuable tips on how to effectively care for your diamonds.

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Diamonds have a tendency to attract dust, dirt, makeup residues, and pollutants encountered during your daily activities. Additionally, the natural oils present in your hands and skin, especially for those who use fake tan, can leave visible marks. These elements not only impact the overall brilliance of your diamonds but also affect the appearance of their setting. While minimizing direct contact with your stones helps prevent excessive build-up, it is equally important to regularly clean your diamonds. 

Cleaning your diamond jewellery is a simple, cost-effective process that requires minimal time. All you need is a small bowl filled with warm water (lined with aluminium foil if your piece has a silver setting), mild dish soap or detergent, a soft-bristled brush, and a microfiber cloth. Allow your piece to soak in the warm, soapy water for approximately 10 to 15 minutes. Gently scrub the piece with the soft-bristled brush to remove any excess dirt from hard-to-reach areas. Finally, rinse off the soapy residue with running water and dry your piece with the microfiber cloth.


Many pieces of diamond jewellery in our collections are worn daily, such as bridal sets, classic diamond studs, or favourite diamond bracelets, essentially becoming part of our daily attire. However, to preserve the beauty of your diamonds, there are instances when it's advisable to refrain from wearing them, especially during strenuous activities. Avoid wearing your diamonds while engaging in activities like housework, gardening, cooking, or redecorating, as these tasks pose a risk of potential knocks, chips, bumps, or scratches to your jewellery.

If your profession involves manual labour or heavy lifting, as seen in industries like construction, hospitality, engineering, or transportation, it's advisable to consider leaving your diamond jewellery at home while you're on the job. In these high-risk work environments, the potential for damage to your diamonds is not the only concern; there's also a risk of danger. Wearing diamond rings or necklaces in such settings increases the likelihood of them getting caught, potentially resulting in injuries, especially when handling heavy items. This can lead to hazardous consequences.


Properly storing your jewellery goes beyond just preventing it from falling into the wrong hands; it also involves shielding it from potential damage. Many individuals may not realize that the storage location significantly influences the longevity of their jewellery. This doesn't solely refer to places where jewellery might be prone to accidental drops or accessible to children, posing risks of ingestion or hiding. It also pertains to environmental factors that could potentially harm your precious pieces.

For optimal storage of your diamond jewellery, consider utilizing separate compartments or organizers to prevent tangling and scratching. Opt for soft, fabric-lined jewellery boxes or pouches as they offer effective protection against dust and moisture. Delicate pieces like necklaces and chains can be hung individually on a jewellery stand to prevent knots and kinks. Ensure your jewellery is shielded from direct sunlight and extreme temperature changes, as these factors can lead to deterioration of metals and gemstones. If your collection includes silver jewellery, avoid storing it in places prone to moisture, such as the bathroom, to prevent tarnishing. Additionally, refrain from placing silver pieces with wood, as the chemicals from treated wood can react with the metal.


After a long day of work, dining out, or enjoying drinks, the desire to skip your nightly routine and simply slip into comfortable pyjamas for a quick bedtime retreat is relatable. Whether it involves the reluctance to remove makeup or go through a skincare routine, the urge to simplify the process after a late night is strong. Despite the reluctance, the awareness of the long-term benefits encourages adherence to these routines for the sake of personal well-being. Similarly, the importance of removing all jewellery before bedtime is emphasized, adding another layer to the nightly self-care routine.

Wearing your jewellery to bed is a big no, no. One of the biggest problems that can arise when wearing your diamonds to bed is that it can lead to accidental damage. Delicate pendants and necklaces have the potential to get tangled or bent, while bracelets and charms may be a risk of ripping or becoming caught in your bedding as you move around during the night. Not to mention stones may also become dislodged if they are knocked too hard during the night. Sleeping with your jewellery on also increases the likelihood of some of your smaller pieces such as earrings and rings unknowingly coming off in your sleep and getting lost in your sheets or under your bed.


While you might view showering with your jewellery as a convenient way to clean them, it is generally advised against. Firstly, prolonged exposure to water and soap can gradually degrade metals, especially those sensitive to moisture, leading to a loss of lustre and tarnishing over time. Additionally, certain chemicals present in personal care products like shampoo, shaving cream, and body wash can interact with gemstones, potentially causing dullness and discoloration. Wearing jewellery in the shower also poses the risk of it becoming dislodged, possibly resulting in loss down the drain.

Staying on the theme of self-care, it's advisable to remove your jewelry when applying makeup or skincare. As mentioned earlier, diamonds are susceptible to various impurities encountered in daily life, including dirt, dust, and the natural oils produced by our bodies. While skincare and makeup can be beneficial for our skin, the same may not hold true for our diamonds. Cosmetics and skincare products, such as lotions, creams, and perfumes, may contain chemicals that could react with the metals in your jewellery, leading to tarnishing or discoloration. Additionally, particles from these products might accumulate in crevices or settings, making thorough cleaning of your jewellery challenging. Moreover, during the application of makeup or skincare routines, which often involves touching your face, neck, and eyes, wearing rings or bracelets can potentially result in scratching your skin.

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